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or Ax·um  (äk′so͞om′)
A town of northern Ethiopia. From the first to the eighth century ad, it was the capital of an empire that controlled much of northern Ethiopia. According to tradition, the Ark of the Covenant was brought here from Jerusalem and placed in the Church of Saint Mary of Zion, where the rulers of Ethiopia were crowned.


(ˈɑːksʊm) or


(Placename) an ancient town in N Ethiopia, in the Tigre region: capital of the Aksumite Empire (1st to 6th centuries ad). According to tradition, the Ark of the Covenant was brought here from Jerusalem


or Ax•um

(ˈɑk sʊm)

a town in N Ethiopia: the capital of an ancient kingdom 1st to c7th centuries b.c.
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She is splitting time between the library at University of Aksum and the Axumite Heritage Foundation Library.
In order to recognize the non-canonical Orthodox churches in East Africa, Patriarch Christophoros II assigned, Metropolitan Nicolaos of Aksum (Ethiopia) to visit Uganda and report to the Holy Synod his findings about Father Spartas and his community.
An advanced civilization started to develop in the Kingdom of Aksum as early as 400 BC.
30) Similarly, during the protracted struggle for the return of the Aksum Obelisk from Italy to Ethiopia, an official of Italy's Culture Ministry, Vittorio Sgarbi, was quoted by the BBC as saying that the Obelisk should not be returned because it had been in Italy for 73 years and had become naturalised and Italian.
She explains how the Kings of Aksum grew rich and powerful from their control of the Red Sea trade and how they were one of the first civilisations that officially embrace Christianity in the 4th century.
Me encuentro a las afueras de la ciudad de Aksum, que fuera durante siglos la capital del reino de Aksum, tambien llamado Cush, reino de Saba, Abisinia y que hoy conocemos como Etiopia.
Among the places of interest are the Omo National Park, Entoto Hills, Lake Tana, Simien Mountains National Park, Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela and The Ruins of Aksum.
Municipal Solid Waste Management and Characterization in Aksum and Shire-Endaslassie Towns, North Ethiopia, Journal of Environment and Earth Science www.
Muctar said in addition to the pleasant weather, tourists can enjoy a number of historic sites, including in the walled city of Harar, considered one of the holiest places in the Muslim world, and Aksum city, which is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in Africa.
The resettlement of tribes not an exclusively Roman invention: it was also practiced by the rulers of Aksum as recorded in Ezana's Greek inscription from the mid-fourth century AD.
Aksum was fifth in the 6f fillies' maiden, while Lutine Charlie finished seventh in division one of the 7f handicap.
De esa relacion habria de nacer en Etiopia el reino de Aksum en el siglo IV a.