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Noun1.Aku - a Kwa language spoken by the Yoruba in southwestern Nigeria
Kwa - a group of African language in the Niger-Congo group spoken from the Ivory Coast east to Nigeria
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But the AKU Society need PS60,500 to complete research which could lead to it being approved by the European Medicines Agency.
Early tests show that the drug, already used to treat another genetic disease, can prevent a wide range of symptoms in AKU sufferers.
6) Complications of AKU begin after the age of 50 and include stone formation (renal, prostatic, gall bladder, and salivary) along with cardiac valve involvement, particularly aortic valve disease.
Patients being treated for AKU do not have enough of the enzyme, homogentisic acid oxidase, which causes acid to build up in the body.
He added that the AKU will sign a twinship agreement with al-Mujtahed Hospital in Damascus in addition to cooperate with nursing schools in Tartous and al-Salamyia in Hama governorate.
In his welcome address Firoz Rasul, President, AKU spoke about civil society, of great importance for Pakistan and its neighbours and how everyone is a potential member.
These models need to be scaled up to benefit a larger community of teachers and learners, said Dr Ayesha Bashiruddin, an Associate Professor and Head Research and Policy Studies at AKU IED.
The Chairman of the Ecobank Nigeria Board, Mr John Aboh, also congratulated Mr Aku for the good work he and his team had achieved, and said he looked forward to the Bank improving on this.
com)-- The Best Western Aku Tiki Inn is hosting surfers and their families for the 6th Annual Inlet Beach Festival Surfers for Autism event.
BLACK Bone Disease, or AKU, is a rare genetic condition which causes early-onset osteoarthritis.
AKU was established by His Highness the Aga Khan and has campuses in Pakistan, East Africa and the United Kingdom.