Al Anbar

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Al An·bar

 (ăl ăn′bär′, äl än′-)
A region of western Iraq. Consisting largely of arid land in the Syrian Desert, Al Anbar is sparsely populated except for a corridor along the Euphrates River.
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The Iraqi army, backed by American air power, recaptured most of Ramadi on Monday; seven months after the capital of Al Anbar Governorate fell to Daesh (the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) militants with little resistance.
Brigadier General Abdul Karim Mohammad at Al Anbar Operations Command told Petra's reporter in Baghdad, that the clear retreat of members of the terrorist group, the comprehensive siege and enthusiasm shown by Iraqi soldiers and members of Al Anbar tribes, contributed to liberating many areas.
The Kurdish Globe A security source from Al Anbar Province announced on Thursday, April 23rd, that they have attacked the convoy of Abu Hamza al Muhajir's cars, the ISIS leader in Falluja.
Al Anbar Investment Commission plans to build Al Mustouda Mall around the location 2058/149 Al Aziziya-Al Houz in Ramadi, Iraq.
Summary: The Al Anbar Investment Commission has announced the Al Anbar 2nd Annual International Investment Conference 2011, to be held October 24 -26, 2011 in Istanbul
Saudi Arabia will finance the construction of a power station in the eastern Syrian province of Deir al-Zour at a cost of [euro]700 million, Syrian Prime Minister Mohammad Naji al Otari announced Wednesday, as reported Friday by the Kuwaiti daily AL ANBAR reported Friday.
Through the support of HMM-266 and the efforts of Iraqis and Marines on the ground, cities in western Al Anbar province were cleared of insurgents, enabling residents to vote in the 15 December Iraqi national elections.
Venegas, 21, of Simi Valley, died April 7 in a vehicle accident in Al Anbar Province.
Al Anbar Investment Commission plans to build a commercial market on land number 1415/7 in district 44 Diom Wadi Gbalah in Rawa, Iraq.
Last week, noisy demonstrations took thousands of Sunni protestors on to the streets of Al Anbar province three times, as they marked their concern with the pro- Shiite preference of the government.
Under the light of a full moon, a CH-46E Sea Knight lifts into the hot night air in Al Anbar province, Iraq, and the offloaded Marines make their way toward the rest of their tour in country.
Al Anbar Investment Commission plans to build an alumina plant in Rawa, Al Anbar, Iraq.