Aladdin's lamp

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Noun1.Aladdin's lamp - (Arabian Nights) a magical lamp from which Aladdin summoned a genieAladdin's lamp - (Arabian Nights) a magical lamp from which Aladdin summoned a genie
lamp - an artificial source of visible illumination
Arabian Nights, Arabian Nights' Entertainment, Thousand and One Nights - a collection of folktales in Arabic dating from the 10th century
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It is not Aladdin's lamp, though I take it to be a token of as much luck.
Disney bosses won't find the same Genie if they were to rub Aladdin's lamp in the hopes of using him in a sequel to the 1992 animated classic.
This latest decision should be a lesson to employers that they can't simply invoke Dukes like Aladdin's lamp and automatically convince a court to dismiss valid class allegations, such as those presented in our Merck complaint.
com)-- Aladdin's Lamp has been one of the most popular slots at Springbok Casino (http://www.
That magic shiny box is like an Aladdin's lamp that conjures up anything your heart desires.
The family show is a madcap ride through the biggest stories and best-loved characters from panto with the dastardly double act dashing from rubbing Aladdin's lamp to roaming the golden streets of Dick Whittington's London.
Believe me, I don't have an Aladdin's lamp that if someone says I should apprehend Major Iqbal, I will be able to do it.
And there's one that comes in the shape of Aladdin's lamp -- it's made with mother of pearl and packed with liquor chocolates.
uk 10 IT'S PANTO season so conjure up a little magic with this gold Aladdin's Lamp hard case clutch with gold drop chain strap, pounds 40, from Accessorize.
Boss Media's Aladdin's Lamp EUR5 progressive jackpot has just topped EUR2 million and is now one of the biggest progressive jackpots available at any online casino.
It should be a household term around the world - a world in which all the decongestants, inhalers and antihistamines have been flung unceremoniously from windows, and have been replaced by a little plastic, ceramic or metal pot that looks like an Aladdin's lamp, or sometimes, a little teapot.