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(Portuguese alaˈɡoːaʃ)
(Placename) a state in NE Brazil, on the Atlantic coast. Capital: Maceió. Pop: 2 887 535 (2002). Area: 30 776 sq km (11 031 sq miles)


(ˌɑ ləˈgoʊ əs)

a state in NE Brazil. 2,637,843; 10,674 sq. mi. (27,650 sq. km). Cap.: Maceió.
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States such as Sao Paulo, Alagoas, Rio de Janeiro and the Federal District also fit in this situation, due to the smaller involvement of collegiate bodies that aided in the dissemination of the research.
Em Alagoas, a regiao fumageiras e concentra em Arapiraca, que, em seu contexto historico, tornou-se a principal fonte de renda e comercializacao do fumo, configurando-se como um dos cultivos mais importantes do estado (2).
We report a molecular and genomic investigation of an outbreak of CHIKV infection in Maceio, Alagoas state, Northeast Brazil.
At the current moment, Centerplex has more than 60 screens throughout the states of So Paulo, Minas Gerais, Cear, Alagoas and Pernambuco.
The government in the neighboring state of Alagoas said in a statement that more than 2,000 families have been forced from their homes and four people have died.
Individuals of six Brazilian populations of Armases angustipes were sampled from Sao Luis do Maranhao ("Sao Luis"), Maranhao on 9 September 2014; Natal, Rio Grande do Norte on 28 August 2014; Maceio, Alagoas on 27 August 2014; Ilheus, Bahia on 23 August 2014; Aracruz, Espirito Santo on 20 August 2014; and Guaratuba, Parana on 7 December 2013 (Fig.
In Alagoas State, the genera Pratylenchus and Meloidogyne have been previously detected; however, the nematodes' species were not identified (CRUZ et al.
In Brazil, the Northeast region accounts for 80% of the culture production, Bahia being the leading producer, followed by Pernambuco, Ceara and Alagoas (IBGE, 2009).
paulodutrai (Bokermann, 1975), with records from Alagoas State south to Bahia State; P ramagii (Boulenger, 1888), distributed from Paraiba State to northern Bahia; and P.
Brazil's northeast state of Alagoas remained at the top of the list, with 66.
O Estado de Alagoas e o maior produtor de cana-deacucar do Nordeste, ou seja, a cultura de maior expressao socioeconomica regional porem, mesmo possuindo elevado nivel tecnologico no setor sucroalcooleiro ha, nesta regiao, problemas que afetam a producao de cana-de-acucar destacando-se a distribuicao irregular de chuvas durante o periodo anual.