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A group of Germanic tribes that settled in Alsace and nearby areas during the fourth century ad and were defeated by the Franks in 496.

[Latin Alemannī, of Germanic origin; see man- in Indo-European roots.]


(Peoples) a West Germanic people who settled in the 4th century ad between the Rhine, the Main, and the Danube
[C18: from Latin, of Germanic origin; related to Gothic alamans a totality of people]


(ˌæl əˈmæn aɪ)
a confederation of Germanic tribes, located W of the Rhine and N of the Danube rivers in the 3rd century a.d.: by the 5th century partially driven from this area and settled in N Switzerland and Alsace.
[< Latin, of Germanic orig.; c. Gothic alamans totality of humankind =ala- all + mann- man]
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pounds 348 Take a four-night break to Florence staying at the three-star Alamanni Hotel Florence, with the flight leaving Cardiff on Friday, February 18.
Prendendo in considerazione le opere di Ludovico Ariosto, Luigi Alamanni e Danese Cattaneo, l'autore dimostra inoltre come il modello che finisce per imporsi nel corso del XVI secolo derivi principalmente dallo scudo di Enea.
Nature-inspired product in the new MoMA collection include Spring Tumblers designed by Maria Paolina Alamanni and Robert Massi with insect designs; the Future Flora Lamp designed by Boontje that draws inspiration from several floral shapes; and the square stone bowl made from marble pebbles.
The context of Statius's phrase, contrasting the recent wildness of the location with the shrine which now houses Pollius's Hercules statue, has little to do with Ammianus's narrative of fighting against the Alamanni.
French visitor Musical Way was the only fancied runner to feature in the finish, taking third for the second year running, with 102-1 Alamanni grabbing fourth.
In El Salvador, Rosada's view is seconded by Human Rights ombuds Beatrice Alamanni de Carrillo, who has said, "There will not be an exhaustive investigation, either in El Salvador or in Guatemala, to reach the truth.
Temi politici, oltre che amorosi, caratterizzano la produzione di Giovanni Guidiccioni e quella di Luigi Alamanni.
In the initial stages of the case and in the months prior to the trial, the Ombudswoman of the Office of Human Rights, Beatrice Alamanni de Carrillo, was barred from reviewing the files and interviewing witnesses and investigators.