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A city of south-central New Mexico northeast of Las Cruces on the western edge of the Sacramento Mountains. The first atomic bomb was exploded in a test on July 16, 1945, at the White Sands Missile Range northwest of the city.


(ˌæl ə məˈgɔr doʊ)

a city in S New Mexico: first atomic bomb exploded in the desert ab. 50 mi. (80 km) NW of here, July 16, 1945. 24,024.
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Adrianne Salas of Alamogordo was appointed to the Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission.
The yard sale part of the event is being organized by Annie French of Alamogordo.
Opposition to the project in Alamogordo has grown in recent months.
The MHC and Bank 34's former mid-tier holding company, Alamogordo Financial Corp.
The suspect, Joseph Moreno, was killed in the daytime encounter, Alamogordo police said at a news conference.
Three weeks earlier, on July 16, the world's leading scientists, including Lawrence, Fermi, Teller, and, of course, Oppenheimer, assembled in the middle of the night at an abandoned ranch near Alamogordo.
As a training base during World War II, Holloman (then Alamogordo Army Airfield) was one of many, as was the case when it served as a Tactical Air Command fighter base.
In September, the Alamogordo City Council voted to offer some of the games for sale on eBay and the council's own website.
The Extra-Terrestrial'' game cartridge drew the highest bid among 100 Atari games auctioned on eBay by Alamogordo officials.
Sol Systems, a boutique financial services company, has completed the financial closing of a 940 kilowatt solar energy system in Alamogordo, New Mexico.
Alamogordo Financial Corporation (OTCBB: ALMG), the parent corporation for New Mexico-based savings association BANK'34, has declared a cash dividend of USD0.
The Atomic Age began at exactly 5:30 [actually 5:29:45] mountain war time on the morning of July 16, 1945, on a stretch of semi-arid-desert land about fifty air-line miles from Alamogordo, New Mexico," declared William L.