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Noun1.Alan Turing - English mathematician who conceived of the Turing machine and broke German codes during World War II (1912-1954)Alan Turing - English mathematician who conceived of the Turing machine and broke German codes during World War II (1912-1954)
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The English mathematician, Alan Turing, laid the foundations of the modern computer with his scientific paper, 'On Computable Numbers', when he was just twenty-two years old.
Sites: Sackville Park, home of two sculptures celebrating gay life, including one honoring Alan Turing, the World War II Enigma Code cracker who was later arrested for homosexuality and committed suicide Cornerstone: The New Union, a bar that dates back to the 19th century.
That's why everybody should celebrate the fact that Sir Derek Jacobi's amazing performance as Alan Turing in Hugh Whitemore's play ``Breaking the Code,'' hailed with extravagant praise by critics who saw him do the play on the London and New York stage, is now available to us all.
British scientist Alan Turing is widely acknowledged as a central figure in the computer revolution, and related fields of mathematics and philosophy, inventing the analog computer that cracked the infamous German Enigma code in World War II.
But for the family of Alan Turing the fight to right the wrongs highlighted in biopic The Imitation Game is about more than raising awareness of a prejudice that belongs to a dim and distant past.
Cumberbatch is up for his performance as Second World War codebreaker Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, while Redmayne is recognised for his role as Professor Stephen Hawking in The Theory Of Everything.
Alan Turing was the man who gave Britain a vital edge in the Second World War by doing what was thought impossible - cracking the Nazis' Enigma code.
And now he's being tipped for Oscar glory in his latest role, playing mathematician Alan Turing in The Imitation Game - the man who broke the Enigma code during the Second World War.
This stylish and intelligent film is the perfect big–screen vehicle for star–of–the–moment Benedict Cumberbatch who plays now famous Enigma code–breaker Alan Turing.
The 38-year-old Cumberbatch became a global star with his modern-day portrayal of the cerebral sleuth, and is being praised for his role as code-breaking genius Alan Turing in "The Imitation Game.
Cumberbatch plays code-breaker Alan Turing in biopic The Imitation Game, which is released later this month.
TURING test beaten for the first time' shouted headlines last week, a headline that would only make sense to those familiar with the ins and outs of Artificial Intelligence, and the test invented by computer science pioneer Alan Turing - ie, if a computer can fool 30 per cent of human interrogators into believing it's a human, then it passes as AI.