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Come with me to Aldershot next week, and I will show you that those who say that we have no army are ignorant alarmists.
I had, however, the less diffidence in that it would have a technical interest for her, being indeed no other than a song of cycling a deux which had been suggested by one of those alarmist danger-posts always placed at the top of the pleasantest hills, sternly warning the cyclist that "this hill is dangerous,"--just as in life there is always some minatory notice-board frowning upon us in the direction we most desire to take.
However, I don't want to depress you and play the alarmist so soon after your return to London.
The far-famed secret agent [delta] of the late Baron Stott-Wartenheim's alarmist despatches was not the man to break into such mysteries.
The other day I read in some paper or other an alarmist article on the tireless activity of the revolutionary parties.
However, while the political implications of the "Trump Effect" continue to dominate public discourse on global warming, there are many additional challenges that have sent the climate alarmists into full-blown panic mode.
Bast made an interesting comparison between alarmists and skeptics.
Alarmists understand that parents naturally worry about the health and well-being of their children and will do just about anything to keep their kids safe.
As for the latest politically-adjusted report from the alarmists at the IPCC, their initial scare was that rising temperatures were causing the climate to change outside natural variability.
This was supported by Al Gore, Australia's ABC and all the usual alarmists.
Do you think that federal officials in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Japan, would all have this as the highest priority chemical to study, if there were only a few alarmists saying it was a problem?