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KSRM Radio Group operates on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula south of Anchorage -- and it will have national advertising flowing in courtesy of The Tacher Company.
Glacier Rig was designed to operate close to neighborhoods on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.
Alaska's Kenai Peninsula is adorned with beautiful glaciers on its eastern side.
Here at the tip of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, sunrise casts a pink hue, and the spruce-topped ridge of Ismailof Island across the way is reflected in the cove as if by a mirror.
All came from east of the Mississippi except for two outliers: frogs from Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, several years ago, and one sample that he ran across 3 weeks ago from the West Coast.
On a windswept day, we set out on a cruise through the Kenai Fjords National Park, 607,805 acres of unspoiled wilderness on the south-east coast of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.

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