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(ˈæl ə və)

Cape, a cape in NW Washington: westernmost point in the contiguous U.S.
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Alava, a founder of Latin Beat magazine, documents the musical legacy of Spanish Harlem through six decades, noting the specific influences of artists from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo.
Silvio Alava was one of the original founders of this magazine, and his input was ever present and always respected, until his recent passing.
Manta Airport will also be classified under Category 1, according to Jorge Alava, the Executive Director of its management body, the Corporacion Aeroportuaria de Manta.
Vestigios militares de las guerras carlistas en Alava.
Buesa was the leader of the Alava provincial chapter of the Basque Socialist Party.
Alava, and pondered the contraption's mechanical complexities.
BRS Labs), creator of AISight([R]), the first artificial intelligence system for enhanced video surveillance that delivers real-time alerts for unexpected activity, today announced an alliance with Alava Ingenieros Group.
Eisma identified th blacklisted brokers as Ellen Baylon, an authorized representative of the brokerage firm Alava Alliance, Inc.
Eisma (right) briefs Royal Caribbean president for China and North Asia Pacific Region Zinan Liu and his team during an inspection of the Alava Pier in the Subic Bay Freeport
She cited the Alava Pier where US naval ships and small cruise ships dock.
Alejandro Cruz Alava, the plane's co-pilot Image Credit: Supplied Javi Curbelo Image Credit: Facebook Natalie Long, tabloid
El conocimiento de la historia contemporanea de Alava y en particular de su capital Vitoria ha sido hasta hace escasos anos una tarea pendiente por parte de los historiadores alaveses.