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See Alai.


vb (tr)
an obsolete spelling of allay
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In turn, from these things that one has given up, one can save at least P40 a day and support the Alay Kapwa 40 for 40 campaign.
Caritas also launched an online solidarity donation campaign through its Alay Kapwa program.
About 15,000 participants from various sectors of the society joined the 44th Alay Lakad in Bacolod City last December 4, with five jump-off points starting at 5:30 a.
Alay district hosted a round table discussion on the development of tourism in Alay and Chon-Alay districts of Osh region.
In view of recent populistic abuse of the rightful environmental issue pertaining to the closure of Na'meh landfill and, following Walid Jumblatt's proposal aimed at coping with the issue, the PSP reiterates unequivocal support for the people of Alay and Sahhar in their legitimate fight to close down the garbage dump by January 17, 2015.
FOR five days, Cesar Guarin ran across the city as part of the Middle East leg of 'Global Run: Alay sa Pilipino at sa Buong Mundo' (Global Run: A Tribute to all Filipinos Around the Globe).
He was director of the Alay Bayan Inc, a disaster relief group and had resided in the Philippines for the past 46 years.
June 5, Dodger Stadium, Mets 4, Dodgers 1: Rookie Alay Soler, who was sent to the minors July 2 and never came back, stymied the Dodgers for seven innings, limiting them to a solo home run by Willy Aybar -- remember him?
ALay the plants on the ground on a mat of straw or similar material, then cover with a cloche.
It does alay fears that he will walk into the Manchester United job when it becomes available.
In Leveriza these groups have banded together into an organization known by its Tagalog name, Alay Kapwa, or "help your neighbor.
The epicenter of the quake was located on the slopes of the Alay mountain range, 26 km south-west of Kara-Teyit village, 28 km north-west of Karamyl village, 50 km east of Korgon village, 50 km south-west of Egin-Jay village, 72 km south-east of Batken town.