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conj.1.Although; albeit.
Albe Clarissa were their chiefest founderess.
- Spenser.
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Vinciguerra P, Albe E, Trazza S, Rosetta P, Vinciguerra R, Seiler T, et al.
The Albe away with," h "People w hand them i George Cros ple said, 'N awarded the was given t al.
Turner will not at albe happy with the factthat three times out of the last four games they have let a lead slip.
Ross prefer albe la County are likely to a Saturday afternoon, albeit a couple of hours later than the normal kick-off time.
It's that hybrid packaging that makes it very hard for traditional recycling companies," said Albe Zakes, global vice president of public relations at the recycling company TerraCycle.
Albe, a close relative, is a retired psychologist, who volunteers at Besson because it currently does not have a staff psychologist.
A Escola, inicialmente, estava localizada em tres regioes distintas: Albe e Obernai, em Alsacia, e, em seguida, em Essonne.
Vanca Lumsden, owner of Albe Rustic Furniture in Whidbey Island, Wash.
Ganadores de la edicion 95: Albe Mejia Aguilar y Ariadna Verenice Vargas Moran