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Noun1.Al Gore - Vice President of the United States under Bill Clinton (born in 1948)
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Billy Clinton and Albert Gore look like the two guys we hated most in high school.
The latest case was that of Albert Gore in 2000; he lost the electoral vote but won the popular vote by a huge margin.
Notable alumni include Senator Albert Gore ('32); Nobel Prize-winning economist James M.
Biofuels, once enthusiastically promoted by Albert Gore, are the killer fuels that are causing the cost of food to skyrocket and creating enormous environmental damage worldwide.
Even when Albert Gore lost 200 votes to George Bush in the U.
When Hillary Clinton announced her bid for presidency in 2007, it was noted that, at that point, "40% of Americans have never lived without a Bush or Clinton in the White House" - although America's hereditary low point of the new century was surely in 2000, when Al Gore, son of Senator Albert Gore, ran against George Bush, son of, well, George Bush.
During a conversation with former Vice-President Albert Gore, Woodward asked how much the media really knew about what was going on in the White House.
July 1981: A young US representative from Tennessee, Albert Gore Jr.
Posiblemente el momento en que mas peso su candidatura fue en el ano 2000, debido a lo cerrado de las votaciones entre el democrata Albert Gore y el republicano George W.
Yes, and Former United States Vice President Albert Gore shares the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with the U.
His father, Senator Albert Gore Sr, arranged for his son's birth to be announced on the front page of the Tennessean.
Much the same will be true, if he decides to enter the contest (which many Tennesseans believe he will), of Albert Gore.