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(kəˈleɪ mi)

a city in the E Democratic Republic of the Congo, on Lake Tanganyika. 172,297. Formerly, Albertville.
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York held the same sponsorships at the Winter Olympics in Albertville, France.
There were log cabins in Lillehammer and chalets in Albertville.
Designed with and for the helicopters operators, the training solutions available at the Thales Training Academy in Albertville aim to improve flight safety while optimising training costs for all the operators.
National Champion, won the women's figure skating gold medal at the Winter Olympic Games in Albertville, France, and her second consecutive World Championship.
Unzicker also noted that the Ektachem 700 XR analyzer C series was used during the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France.
Nelson Carmichael captured the silver at Albertville.
Works contract for the expansion and renovation of the Olympic hall in the town of Albertville.
Ampac and Printmasters, both of which operate flexible packaging plants in Albertville, Alabama, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on April 12, 2001.
Steel Processing had 1992 sales of approximately $100 million, and is headquartered in Albertville, Ala.
6 rating, while the 1992 games in Albertville, France, drew a 19.
Today, a predominant number of top racers in the world ski the Salomon Profil System as evidenced by the fact that 78 of the 93 medals at the XVI Winter Olympic Games in Albertville, France were won on Salomon.
Contract notice: Works lot 17 "lift" as part of the expansion and renovation of the olympic hall in albertville.