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 (ăl′boin, -bō-ĭn) Died 572.
King of the Lombards (565?-572) who led the Germanic invasion of present-day Italy (568), where he established the Lombard kingdom.


(ˈælbɔɪn; -bəʊɪn)
(Biography) died 573 ad, king of the Lombards (565–73); conqueror of N Italy


(ˈæl bɔɪn, -boʊ ɪn)

died A.D. 573?, king of the Lombards 561?–573?
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Gregory offers no Langobard origin-story, going back only to Alboin (198), the tenth Langobard king in Paul (1974, 49).
30 ( ANI ): Manchester United's star striker Robin Van Persie has revealed that his goal tribute on a t-shirt against West Bromwich Alboin on Saturday was meant for a close friend who passed away 24 hours before the match.
The following historical events and artistic landmarks were analysed: legend of the origin of the town, the Ticino river and the history of the town, life in the pre-Roman village, religion, the Roman period and its legend, the covered bridge, the Barbarian invasion, under the reign of Theodoricus, the Longobardic period (king Alboin and his wife, queen Theodolinda; king Liutprand), the Romanic period: churches and the crowning of kings, Commune: the towers; life in the commune, from commune to seignory: Gian Galeazzo Visconti and the castle
Alboin, preso questo orrendo vaso, l'empie divino e sorridendo dixe: Comundo, io pongo a le discordie nostre perpetuo fine e vo' far teco pace, in questo allegro di bevendo insieme.