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Noun1.Albrecht Durer - a leading German painter and engraver of the Renaissance (1471-1528)Albrecht Durer - a leading German painter and engraver of the Renaissance (1471-1528)
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Faces are downcast, fingernails being bitten, worry is as graphic as if etched by Albrecht Durer.
Welcome to a new kind of Brothers Grimm story: one in which mystery abounds, where Albrecht Durer the Much Much Younger's Frog Prints go missing, and where a much-older Gretel living with her glutton brother Hans has become a famous German investigator.
Lot 2: Albrecht Durer special school, tour ADS 1, about 33.
Engraving was invented by Albrecht Durer, a Catholic priest," declares an 1890 article titled "Is it true that the Catholic church is the enemy of progress?
The twin Art and Mathematics conferences will provide a unique opportunity to reflect upon the benefits and disadvantages of the separation of 'Two Cultures,' which seemed to be in perfect harmony in the person of Albrecht Durer," said NYU Professor David Chudnovsky.
The artist Albrecht Durer came from which historic German city?
In ten chapters that draw upon writers and topics as diverse and engaging as Andre Malraux and his concept of the Musee Imaginaire, Colin Rowe and his exploration of Mannerism in Modern Architecture as well as Rowe s book with Fred Koetter, Collage City, and examining works by artists including Albrecht Durer, Picasso and Duchamp and architects including James Stirling, Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry and Daniel Libeskind, Maxwell steps effortlessly through a range of ideas and concepts, to create an engaging and provocative thesis.
Work by famous artists such as Picasso, Albrecht Durer, Auguste Rodin, Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud are on display.
Next, share the Art Print with students and tell the story of how Albrecht Durer came to make an image of an animal that he had never laid eyes on.
Zeng's figurative works are similar in their method, being expressly inspired by the brush drawings of Albrecht Durer.
Albrecht Durer (21 May 1471 - 6 April 1528) was a German painter, printmaker, mathematician, and theorist from Nuremberg.