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 (ăl-sē′əs) 611?-c. 580 bc.
Greek poet who reputedly invented Alcaic verse.


(Biography) 7th century bc, Greek lyric poet who wrote hymns, love songs, and political odes


(ælˈsi əs)

fl. c600 B.C., Greek poet of Mytilene.
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Noun1.Alcaeus - Greek lyric poet of Lesbos; reputed inventor of Alcaic verse (611-580 BC)
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Some persons possessed this power for life, others only for a particular time or particular purpose, as the people of Mitylene elected Pittacus to oppose the exiles, who were headed by Antimenides and Alcaeus the poet, as we learn from a poem of his; for he upbraids the Mitylenians for having chosen Pittacus for their tyrant, and with one [1285b] voice extolling him to the skies who was the ruin of a rash and devoted people.
In conclusion it may be worth while to add the graceful epigram of Alcaeus of Messene ("Palatine Anthology", vii
Contact Dean P Mowbray, Alcaeus, Carmyllie, DD11 2RE.
23) This claim might sound odd, given the relative neglect of this poetry now, but eighteenth-century readers "accepted that Anacreon, Alcaeus, Sappho, and Pindar together formed the canon of the Greek [lyric] tradition.
Looking eastward might refresh jaded neo-classical tastes, as he wrote to his Hungarian Orientalist friend, Count Reviczki: "From my earliest years, I was charmed with the poetry of the Greeks; nothing, I then thought, could be more sublime than the Odes of Pindar, nothing sweeter than Anacreon, nothing more polished and elegant than the golden remains of Sappho, Archilochus, Alcaeus, and Simonides: but when I had tasted the poetry of the Arabs and Persians [.
Alcaeus is a fascinating contender in the Dan Hague Rails Bookmaker Handicap at Yarmouth.
Sir Mark Prescott, trainer of Alcaeus, Amour De Nuit, Deauville Dancer, High Secret, Jolie Blonde, Moscato, Pallasator, Sea Of Heaven and William Of Orange Pallasator is being aimed at the stayers' race on Champions Day, but I'm aiming three of the others at the Cesarewitch, all of whom are due to have a run first.
And the fragments of the classical canon that Grenfell and Hunt unearthed are a gift that keeps giving: new poems by Pindar, Sappho and Alcaeus, extensive parts of a unknown play by Euripides, a "Constitution of Athens" once thought to be by Aristotle, and a continuation of the histories of Thucydides.
Charlie Hills' inmate looked booked for victory in a firsttime hood, but he was bumped inside the final 150 yards and overtaken by Hassle and Alcaeus.
We had Alcaeus, who won six out of seven, and Big Thunder won five out of seven.
Luke Morris is looking forward to his ride on the progressive Alcaeus in the feature race at Musselburgh today.
Although his argument that the Greeks were unique in their development of a free culture may be speculative and not conclusive, his attention to the spectrum of dimensions of Greek culture provokes his reader to investigate further the influence of more obscure authors, such as Alcaeus or Theognis, or the inspiration the Greeks drew from its contact with the other great empires.