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n. Greek Mythology
The wife of King Admetus of Thessaly, who agreed to die in place of her husband and was later rescued from Hades by Hercules.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the wife of king Admetus of Thessaly. To save his life, she died in his place, but was rescued from Hades by Hercules


(ælˈsɛs tɪs)

(in Greek myth) the wife of Admetus, who died in her husband's place and was brought back from the underworld by Hercules.
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And those that held Pherae by the Boebean lake, with Boebe, Glaphyrae, and the populous city of Iolcus, these with their eleven ships were led by Eumelus, son of Admetus, whom Alcestis bore to him, loveliest of the daughters of Pelias.
The funeral of a rich person was to them what the funeral of Alcestis or Ophelia is to the educated.
The Gorgon's Severed Head: Studies in Alcestis, Electra, and Phoenissae.
And last but not least is a rendition of Euripides' tragedy Alcestis on July 25, 27 and 28 at all three venues, bringing the festivities to a close for another year.
He integrates narratological insights into the plot of Euripides' Alcestis with mythological and religious views of the staged events, thereby highlighting the need for a multi-disciplinary and multi-modal narratology of drama.
She was introduced to Sophocles early on by the Fitzgeralds and wrote in a 1960 letter to Maryat Lee: "I am in bed, confined, with the epizootic and taking two-toned pills so whilst confined I have occupied the occasion reading Euripedes' Alcestis.
573, 564) and notes Browning's "restoration" of Euripides' version of the Alcestis myth.
We see this in Apollo's argument with a distinctly greedy and petty Death at the opening and again at the end when Heracles arrives with the restored figure of Alcestis.
51) Finally, in a scene that echoes the resuscitation of Alcestis in Euripides' eponymous tragedy, Leucippe is brought back to life (3,17,5).
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