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 (ôl′kət, -kŏt, ŏl′-), Amos Bronson 1799-1888.
American transcendentalist philosopher who developed a theory of education based on mutual respect and Socratic questioning rather than authority and rote learning.


, Louisa May 1832-1888.
American writer best known for her largely autobiographical novel Little Women (1868).


(Biography) Louisa May. 1832–88, US novelist, noted for her children's books, esp Little Women (1869)


(ˈɔl kət, -kɒt)

Louisa May, 1832–88, U.S. author.
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Noun1.Alcott - United States novelist noted for children's books (1832-1888)Alcott - United States novelist noted for children's books (1832-1888)
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Even the old Inspector was desirable, as a change of diet, to a man who had known Alcott.
The Hon Jane Prentice MP, Assistant Minister for Disability Services is delighted to announce Dylan Alcott OAM as this years Patron for International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD).
Ms Ashworth, who presented CBeebies show I Can Cook, had planned to move to Australia with the child to be with Mr Alcott.
Her ex-partner - television director Ben Alcott, 42, who lives in Australia - had argued that the child was habitually resident in Australia.
The nineteenth century educational experiment by Amos Bronson Alcott and Elizabeth Palmer Peabody at the Temple School in Boston from 1834-1836 was generally considered a failure (Dahlstrand 1982; Bayler 1965; and Haefner 1937).
Jeannine Atkins's new historical novel, Little Woman in Blue: A Novel of May Alcott, skilfully weaves the story of May, Louisa's youngest sister, setting her coming of age against the dramatic backdrop of the Civil War.
In her latest contribution to Alcott studies, The Afterlife of Little Women, Clark expands the time period under scrutiny even as she narrows her focus to Alcott's most famous novel and the many forms in which it has remained alive in America and around the world to the present day.
The articles discuss the study of Robert Frost; newly discovered letters by James Fenimore Cooper and their relationship to his fiction; a treatment of slavery from an 1834 Boston newspaper; letters from the teachers of a Virginia's Holley School for freed people to supporters Louisa May Alcott and Abba Alcott, and the versions of a slave narrative in them; the influence of Walt Whitman on George Oppen; journalist Guy Hickok's writing on Ernest Hemingway; and oCross Purposes,o a short story by socialist and feminist writer Alice Beal Parsons.
Cuando descubrimos el original de Louisa May Alcott, la historia nos sabe amarga y contemporanea, incluso feminista.
2 Dylan Alcott in the first of his three matches in the round-robin phase of the quad singles.
The supporting reason is that enough empirical and general-equilibrium rebound research has been done, with estimates of total rebound rising over research time, as attested by Santarius, to levels considerably above 50 percent, so that a consensus has emerged: energy-efficiency increases, whether policy-induced or (far more common) autonomous, are not sufficient to achieve energy-policy goals (see also Madlener and Alcott 2011).