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1. Greek Mythology The daughter of Aeolus who, in grief over the death of her husband Ceyx, threw herself into the sea and was changed into a kingfisher.
2. Greek Mythology A nymph, one of the Pleiades.
3. Astronomy The brightest star in the Pleiades.

[Latin, from Greek Alkuonē, from alkuōn, kingfisher.]


(Classical Myth & Legend) Also called: Halcyone the daughter of Aeolus and wife of Ceyx, who drowned herself in grief for her husband's death. She was transformed into a kingfisher. See also Ceyx


(Astronomy) the brightest star system in the Pleiades, located in the constellation Taurus


(ælˈsaɪ əˌni)

a third-magnitude star in the constellation Taurus: brightest star in the Pleiades.
[< Greek Alkyónē; compare halcyon]
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Noun1.Alcyone - (Greek mythology) a woman who was turned into a kingfisher
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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whose stars are these: -- `Lovely Teygata, and dark-faced Electra, and Alcyone, and bright Asterope, and Celaeno, and Maia, and Merope, whom glorious Atlas begot.
He it was who took his bow and faced King Apollo himself for fair Marpessa's sake; her father and mother then named her Alcyone, because her mother had mourned with the plaintive strains of the halcyon-bird when Phoebus Apollo had carried her off.
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The EarthSky report said that about about seven-and-a-half years from now, the moon will reach a northern extreme in&nbsp;Taurus and will hit Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades star cluster, for several months.
This moving material includes the Merope, Alcyone, Electra, and Maia nebulae as well.
In other words, even though the technical aspect of the machine is not crucial to Montale's poetry, his being mentioned elects him as the heir of D'Annunzio: this heir indicates a path away from the pyrotechnic style of the poet of Alcyone.
Bedlington-based Alcyone Healthcare will now become the main sponsor of the club.
The option was the college would close, or we would go along with the plan of some of the city fathers to hire this guy who actually grew up in Fremont to come in and turn the college around," says Alcyone Scott, a former Midland English professor who chaired the faculty.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden, May 16, 2016 -- Nanologica said it has entered into a license and collaboration agreement with Alcyone Lifesciences to develop a novel therapeutic platform named Abela.
Alcyone Healthcare will see Joanne Othen take up the role at Baedling Manor on Bedlington Front Street, overseeing 50 staff.
Like the other four volumes of the cycle--Maia, Electra, Alcyone, Merope--Asterope (or Sterope) took the name of one the Pleiades, specifically the one who, according to one version of the legend, married Mars.