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Al·der·ney 1

A British island in the English Channel. The northernmost of the larger Channel Islands, it is separated from the French coast by a swift channel, the Race of Alderney.

Al·der·ney 2

n. pl. Al·der·neys
1. Any of a now extinct breed of small dairy cattle from Alderney Island.
2. Any of various breeds of small dairy cattle from the Channel Islands, including, until the late 19th century, breeds later known as Guernsey and Jersey.


1. (Placename) one of the Channel Islands, in the English Channel: separated from the French coast by a dangerous tidal channel (the Race of Alderney). Pop: 2294 (2001). Area: 8 sq km (3 sq miles). French name: Aurigny
2. (Breeds) an early, but now extinct, breed of dairy cattle originating from the island of Alderney


(ˈɔl dər ni)

1. one of the Channel Islands in the English Channel. 1785; 3 sq. mi. (8 sq. km).
2. any of several breeds of cattle raised orig. in the Channel Islands, as the Jersey or Guernsey.
References in classic literature ?
Majora, Minora, Alderney, and Sark," explained her pupil.
Alderney's heart in that way, who was rather the Queen of British Boulogne and gave the most dinners and balls of all the residents there, by weeping when Master Alderney came from Dr.
Mr Paul Elliott, speaking from Dawes' Chez Andre Hotel on Alderney in the Channel Islands, said: "I can confirm that Mr Dawes is dead after a car crash earlier today.
Scope : Construction of the 300 MW Tidal Energy Array off the coast of Alderney in the English Channel, France.
That hard work is amply rewarded when companies of SHFL's caliber elect to be licensed and regulated by Alderney as a key location for their online activities.
Paul Munro, Operations Director, Sportech Alderney Tel: +44(0)1481-726005, Email: mediaenquiries@vernons.
4 Pilot glides plane for 10 miles into Alderney airport
But when, or if, we are sold, you never know, the new owners might say, 'why not take other parts of the business to Alderney, and save tax?
The shore target is now 5lb 15oz 11dms, set by an Alderney fish in 2000.
Alderney s director of e-commerce development, Robin Le Prevost, said that the MOU had been driven by technology and shows that the world is changing.
Alderney is one of the largest and fastest growing eGaming jurisdictions so this is a natural choice for Cayetano".
OpenHydro chairman Brendan Gilmore said: "We are delighted to invest in Alderney Renewable Energy and to provide our technology to harness this unique resource.