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a man's sweetheart
[C18: from the name of Don Quixote's mistress Dulcinea del Toboso in Cervantes' novel; from Spanish dulce sweet]


(dʌlˈsɪn i ə, ˌdʌl səˈni ə)

n., pl. -cin•e•as.
a ladylove; sweetheart.
[1740–50; after Dulcinea the ladylove of Don Quixote]
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Noun1.dulcinea - a woman who is a man's sweetheart
steady, sweetheart, sweetie, truelove - a person loved by another person
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Her name was Aldonza Lorenzo, and upon her he thought fit to confer the title of Lady of his Thoughts; and after some search for a name which should not be out of harmony with her own, and should suggest and indicate that of a princess and great lady, he decided upon calling her Dulcinea del Toboso -she being of El Toboso- a name, to his mind, musical, uncommon, and significant, like all those he had already bestowed upon himself and the things belonging to him.
Don Quixote's need for a damsel to inspire his most valiant efforts necessitates his creation of Dulcinea, from Aldonza Lorenzo, a simple village girl who had attracted his attention.
In the Phamaly production of Man of La Mancha at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, it's at first disconcerting to see Aldonza Lorenzo, Don Quixote's imagined Lady Dulcinea, in a wheelchair.
Their bodies were found off Mindanao, southern Philippines, and brought to Aldonza Funeral Homes, in Surigao City, Undersecretary Alexander Pama, executive director of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), told Gulf News.
She is an updated version of Carmen and Aldonza (of "Man of La Mancha") who intrigue men into thinking they can tame a wild bird.
There the men also meet the beautiful Aldonza, whom the mesmerized Quixote rechristens as "Dulcinea.
According to Debbie Aldonza from UK, "This exhibition is great for race enthusiasts like me.
Nests in Dona Aldonza lagoon were mostly composed of leaves and young stems of Typha spp.
28 /PRNewswire/ -- Tony Award(R) nominated Broadway star, Patricia Marand, who graced the stage opposite such theatre greats as Yul Brynner, as leading lady Anna in "The King & I," and Alfred Drake, as the sultry Aldonza in "Man Of La Mancha," and twice opposite Jack Cassidy, including the leading role as Teddy Stern to Cassidy's Chick Miller in "Wish You Were Here," passed away yesterday due to brain cancer.
Dulcinea shares physical and psychological elements derived from Oriana, Angelica, Helen (through Giulio Romano), Lucretia (through Titian), and Aldonza Lorenzo.
Nadia Ahern lays on the ice as the tavern wench Aldonza, mistaken by Quixote for the fair Dulcinea.