Alexander Nevsky

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Alexan′der Nev′sky

(ˈnɛv ski, ˈnɛf-, ˈnyɛf-)
(Aleksandr Nevski) 1220?–63, Russian prince, national hero, and saint.
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But unlike previous launches, the nuclear submarine Aleksandr Nevsky was reportedly armed with a full set of 16 Bulava missiles.
Russia now has three Borei-class nuclear submarines armed with the Bulava, the Aleksandr Nevsky and the Yuri Dolgoruky, which had a previous Bulava launch on Oct 29.
The 21 essays here celebrate his achievements with studies on such aspects as zipper stories, parody and political proverbs, some essentials on the popularity of American proverbs, Piedmontese proverbs, Bulgarian paremiography, proverbs and anti-proverbs as variations on the theme of racial and cultural intermingling in The Time of Our Singing, and Sergei Eisenstein's Aleksandr Nevsky as a case study of proverbs and the folk tale in Russian cinema.

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