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n.1.(Mil.) The imperial standard of the Turkish Empire.
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Kangni Alem has long been in exile from the dictatorship in Togo and has said in an interview that any writer from Africa who has been absent from his native land for years cannot speak of "l'Afrique reelle.
Alem is now at the mercy of social services and the Refugee Council.
In fact, we support efforts to evaluate programs such as the ALEM.
Com a solucEuo da Netadmin, a America Net ira unificar, centralizar e gerenciar processos diarios, tais como provisionamento, monitoracEuo de servicos e rede, alem de gestEuo de inventario de recursos fisicos e logicos.
Alem, who works as a supervisor at a construction company and makes Dh3,500 a month, said that he returned the money because he does not want "haram" money and only wants to make an honest living.
Yyldyrym said he was in the mosque on June 1 and 2 when protests neared the Bezm-i Alem Valide Sultan Mosque.
We spent SR300,000 to SR400,000 equipping a single field office that provides VIP services," said Alem.
Je suis persuade que cette rencontre placee sous le signe [beaucoup moins que]Min Jbel el Alem ila al Alem : De la montagne Alem vers le monde : Spiritualite et mondialisation[beaucoup plus grand que], est une plate-forme scientifique et objective pour debattre toutes les formes d'enclavement restreignant l'instruction de dossiers cruciaux qui tourmentent l'humanite d'aujourd'hui, a savoir l'intolerance, la haine, l'occupation, la guerre, les crises spirituelles et materielles, l'integrisme et toutes les formes de separation et d'obscurantisme aveugle.
The story of a 14-year-old Ethiopian/Eritrean boy, Alem, left in England by his parents to escape war back home' is not a particularly comfortable one, yet both poets are well equipped to tackle such a topic.
Alem describes how she felt "scared, ashamed and embarrassed" and her wedding day was full of tears, but not the good kind.
Alem Jamir is a writer working against all odds to provide a platform that will help preserve Nagaland's vernacular language and literature.
Luxembourg - La declaration politique sur un Partenariat pour la mobilite, signee vendredi au Luxembourg par le Maroc et l'UE, ouvre la voie a une approche globale, regionale et humaine de la migration, a affirme l'ambassadeur Menouar Alem, chef de la mission du Maroc aupres de l'UE.