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(Spanish aleˈman)
(Biography) Mateo (maˈteo). 1547–?1614, Spanish novelist, author of the picaresque novel Guzmán de Alfarache (1599)


(ˌɑ leɪˈmɑn)

1. Arnoldo, born 1946, president of Nicaragua since 1997.
2. Mateo, 1547?–1610, Spanish novelist.
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During her recent and upcoming speaking events attorney Aleman has covered a broad range of related topics including specific qualifying criteria, DAPA DUI, guidelines for the DACA program and general DAPA Immigration news.
Es comun referirse al sevillano Mateo Aleman como el iniciador de un fenomeno literario a principios del siglo xvii que desembocara en la novela moderna.
Their top two challengers are ex-President Arnoldo Aleman (1997-2002) of the conservative Partido Liberal Constitucionalista (PLC) and Fabio Gadea Mantilla, a 79-year-old radio personality and station owner who has served several terms as a PLC deputy for the Guatemala-based Parlamento Centroamericano (PARLACEN).
The Journal of Commerce in its Cover Story today profiles the leader behind the expansion, Alberto Aleman Zubieta, Panama Canal Authority CEO and administrator.
Alberto Aleman Zubieta says the work is on schedule and has the support of the government.
In 2008, Pope shot Juan Carlos Aleman three times after Aleman confronted officers while armed with two large kitchen knives, the night after Aleman shot and killed an acquaintance.
Last night was a little calmer, we were able to sleep peacefully," Rocio Hernandez, a woman from Ciudad Mier staying in one of the shelters in nearby Ciudad Miguel Aleman, said.
First BanCorporation (NYSE: FBP) has appointed chief operating officer Aurelio Aleman to succeed Luis M Beauchamp as president and CEO, after he announced his resignation effective from Monday following an internal review into personal transactions.
Noting that online social networking sites have been problematic for both college students and administrators since their inception, Aleman (education, Boston College) and Wartman (PhD candidate, Boston College) offer a resource of professional guidance for administrators and policy makers.
Senor Coconut Y Su Conjunto El Baile Aleman (Nacional)
When 17th Circuit Judge Cheryl Aleman forced a public defender in the midst of a death penalty case to craft a motion in mere minutes and threatened contempt, she was "arrogant, discourteous, and impatient," and should be publicly reprimanded.