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Noun1.Alexander Pope - English poet and satirist (1688-1744)Alexander Pope - English poet and satirist (1688-1744)
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He had learnt his craft at the school of Alexander Pope, and he wrote moral stories in rhymed couplets.
This poet was Alexander Pope, the son of a well-to-do Catholic linen-draper.
com/tvshows/counterpart/episode-5-season-1/shaking-the-tree/800418/) synopsis for Season 1, episode 5 of the Starz series, Quayle (Harry Lloyd) and Aldrich (Ulrich Thomsen) seek intel from an old friend to identify the spy that has been working for Alexander Pope (Stephen Rea).
The intriguing question in the title comes from an inscription on the collar of a dog Alexander Pope gave to the Prince of Wales.
3) See Alexander Pope, "A Specimen of Scriblerus's Reports: Stradling versus Stiles" in The Works of Alexander Pope Esq (London: Bathurst, 1770) vol 6, 279.
The diminutive Alexander Pope (1688-1744) gained august stature as an English poet and satirist in the Augustan Age.
1688: Poet and satirist Alexander Pope was born in London.
Summary: As Alexander Pope famously wrote, "To err is human; to forgive, divine.
Alexander Pope is considered as one of the most important English poets of the 18th century and has always remained a focus of scholarly investigation in the Western academics.
The exhibition, 'Fame and Friendship: Pope, Roubiliac and the Portrait Bust', which opens this month at Waddesdon Manor (18 June-26 October), brings together eight versions by the sculptor Louis Francois Roubiliac of the poet Alexander Pope (1688-1744; see Contents, p.
BORN ANDREW Neil, Scottish journalist, 1949 LEO Sayer, UK pop singer, 1948, above ALEXANDER Pope, English poet, 1688 DIED JOHN Geilgud, English actor, 2000, above BARBARA Cartland, English writer, 2000 KENNETH Clark, art historian, 1983
The Rape Of The Lock by Alexander Pope (1714) - 1,800 pounds