Alexandre Yersin

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Noun1.Alexandre Yersin - French bacteriologist born in SwitzerlandAlexandre Yersin - French bacteriologist born in Switzerland; was a student of Pasteur; discovered the plague bacillus (1863-1943)
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Tenders are invited for Scanning Cesar-Roux audiences Charlotte Olivier Alexandre Yersin, Auguste Tissot and Mathias Mayor CHUV, Lausanne.
Yersinia pestis, the plague bacillus, was discovered in 1894 independently by Kitasato Shibasaburo (1853-1931), who was a student of Koch then working in Japan, and Alexandre Yersin (1863-1943), a Swiss-born bacteriologist from the Pasteur Institute, who had worked with both Pasteur and Koch (3).
Yersinia pestis is named in honor of Alexandre Yersin, a student of Louis Pasteur, who isolated plague in patients in Hong Kong in 1894.

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