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a.1.(Med.) Resisting poison; obviating the effects of venom; alexipharmic.
n.1.(Med.) A preservative against contagious and infectious diseases, and the effects of poison in general.
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Adiantaceae), is recognized by the classical traditional medicinal system of India--Ayurveda to be pungent, alexiteric (obviating the effects of poison), and used for indigestion.
The above data indicate more than 39 additional diseases and ailments could be treated by medicinal plants of the flora of middle area of Gaza Strip, as potential resource for treating various diseases such as: Bacterial infection, poisoning infertility, sexual weakness, heart diseases, hair loss, eye inflammation, inflammation, bronchitis, asthma, fever, poisonous, diuretic, circulatory system, cancer, intestine pain, cholesterol reduction, emmenagogue, galactogoue, aphrodisiac, stimulat, night blindess, astringent, tunors, vginal diseases, antipyretic, gonorrhoea, alexiteric, emollient, irritant, asedative, muscular system, organ Britain system, blood, psoriatic, burns, mouth ulcers, gall bladder stones, paralysis, ulcer goiter and secrete more milk in women.
The dried flower buds of the plant is an oriental drug, cardiotonic, diaphoretic, alexiteric and used as vermifuge.