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curva algebrica
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Meilhan, A linking invariant for algebraic curves, arXiv:1602.
As an intermediate step towards the third result, we also show that for a fixed family of plane algebraic curves with s degrees of freedom, every set of n points in the plane has a subset of [OMEGA]([n.
Algebraic Curves and Finite Fields: Cryptography and Other Applications
One particularly nice way of studying general parametric cubics can be found in [3] which treats them as general algebraic curves, determines their properties, and then specializes the results to the family of general parametric cubics.
Other topics include counting algebraic curves with tropical geometry, block triangular bilinear forms and braid group action, the topicalization method in cluster algebras, and an application of the max-plus spectral theory to an ultradiscrete analogue of the Lax pair.
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Key words: Finite Fields, Algebraic Curves, Algebraic Function Fields, Elementary Abelian p-Extensions, Rational Points.
Via the correspondence between algebraic curves and floor diagrams [BM09, Theorem 2.
A selection of 10 papers from it consider such topics as self-dual codes and invariant theory; vector bundles in error-correcting for geometric Goppa codes; combinatorial designs and code synchronization; real and imaginary hyper-elliptic curve cryptography; divisibility, smoothness, and cryptographic applications; a variant of the Reidemeister-Schreier algorithm for the fundamental groups of Riemann surfaces; theta functions and algebraic curves with automorphisms; enumerative geometry and string theory; and the cryptographical properties of extremal algebraic graphs.
Ramanathan: Moduli for principal bundles over algebraic curves.

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