Alien enemy

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(Law) one who owes allegiance to a government at war with ours.
- Abbott.

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His public masses drew massive crowds that speeded up our growth to the strong social base of 10 million members of Solidarity, and faith gave us courage to confront the powerful alien enemy we faced.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE (BBC1, Monday, 8pm) MANKIND is under threat from a new alien enemy and only the ultimate team of superheroes can save the day.
According TV Line, "The Visitors" will feature a race "against the clock to defeat an unseen alien enemy out to destroy the world using our most precious resource against us.
Set during the Cold War in 1962, The Bureau is investigating a series of mysterious attacks by an alien enemy.
Both of them face an alien enemy ruthless and unknown - and both of them also will face impossible choices in their struggle for survival, documented in a gripping saga impossible to put down and recommended for any science fiction collection.
Before long, both cowboys and American indians have joined forces to tackle the alien enemy excavating gold from the nearby mountains.
He is now keen to promote this as the first film in which he plays a villain, although his character and Daniel's come together to fight the common alien enemy who want to exterminate all life on the planet.
We visited our local takeaway as it was hungry work visiting the various planets and fighting the alien enemy through the Milky Way.
In the same way that Batman Begins turned back the clock on the dark knight's life and times, the action here begins as we meet Captain Kirk's dad at the helm of a ship going into battle with a giant alien enemy.
With alien enemy Spider-Man Venom, Sandman and the New Goblin all on the scene it is action-packed all the way.