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Noun1.Alismataceae - perennial or annual aquatic or marsh plantsAlismataceae - perennial or annual aquatic or marsh plants
liliopsid family, monocot family - family of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
Alismales, Naiadales, order Alismales, order Naiadales - an order of aquatic monocotyledonous herbaceous plants
Alisma, genus Alisma - small genus of aquatic or semiaquatic plants
genus Sagittaria, Sagittaria - genus of aquatic herbs of temperate and tropical regions having sagittate or hastate leaves and white scapose flowers
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Thus, the chemical and physical constraints imposed by Ourinhos Reservoir waters to aquatic macrophytes community generate a predominance of emergent species, from Typhaceae, Cyperaceae and Alismataceae families.
chaparral yucca Water-Plantain Alismataceae Family Sagittaria montevidensis Cham.
grandiflorus pertence a familia Alismataceae e uma macrofita enraizada com folhas emergentes, popularmente conhecida como chapeu-de-couro (Cardoso et al.
Megamelus maculipes was recorded during 1999-2004 on only one species of the family Alismataceae, E.
Alismataceae a Cyperaceae Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Missouri Botanical Garden y The Natural History Museum.
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18 ALISMATACEAE (Water-Plantain Family) Alisma gramineum Lej X Alisma triviale Pursh X Sagittaria calycina Engelm.