n.1.(Bot.) An herbaceous plant of the nightshade family (Physalis alkekengi) and its fruit, which is a well flavored berry, the size of a cherry, loosely inclosed in a enlarged leafy calyx; - also called winter cherry, ground cherry, and strawberry tomato.
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It also contains the Alkekengi calyx extract and the Padina pavonica extract, two powerful components that give the skin its plump appearance.
Anti-inflammatory activities of Physalis alkekengi var.
Add some extra autumnal colour with Physalis alkekengi - the Chinese lantern.
The Chinese lantern plant, Physalis alkekengi, produces the most amazingly bright orange papery packaging to cover the orange fruit within.
alkekengi 'Franchetii', while named varieties such as 'Gigantea' are harder to find.
alkekengi Franchetii, while named varieties such as Gigantea are harder to find.
alkekengi 'Franchetii'', while named varieties such as 'Gigantea' are harder to find.
Nakamura N, Masuo Y, Ooyabu E (2007) Development of tetraploid chinese lantern (Physalis alkekengi L.
This Paris-based firm prides itself on creating top-notch formulations, such as Sisleya Global Anti-Age--which this year is celebrating a decade of success battling line and wrinkles--and Fluid Body Sun Cream SPF 30, a new sun care product that contains alkekengi calyx extract, which protects cells DNA from UV rays by preserving DNA molecular integrity and stimulating collagen synthesis.
Try planting Papaver orientale - huge red or pink flowers with black centres, Allium christophii - melon-sized, starry seed heads or Physalis alkekengi - vibrant orange Chinese lanterns.
The orange seed-heads of Chinese lanterns, physalis alkekengi, used to be common in gardens, but seem to have fallen out of fashion.