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n. Greek Mythology
A king of Phaeacia, father of Nausicaa, who entertained Odysseus.


(Poetry) (in Homer's Odyssey) a Phaeacian king at whose court the shipwrecked Odysseus told of his wanderings. See also Nausicaä
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Hotel and cruise ship operator Louis Plc said that it has taken over the management of King Alkinoos Hotel in Protaras after signing a five-year agreement with the owner.
I have passion for Egyptian ancient civilisation especially for Akhenaton," said Greek-Cypriot musician Alkinoos Ioannidis, who was invited by the Embassy of Greece to give concerts in the Cairo Opera House and in Alexandria as part of the celebration of the Greek Cultural week which had started few days ago.
Artists Alkinoos Ioannides, George Kaloudis, George Pantazis, Nicholas Michael, Marios Takoushis, Gavriel Karapatakis , Savvas Savva and Irene Demetriadou are participating in the events.
The words in the above epigraph are spoken by Odysseus to the son of Prince Alkinoos of Skheria Island, a place that knows no war, no blight, no suffering.
One of which is headed by Alkinoos Kassaris, whose family have owned the Old Perithia Taverna for 140 years.
The idealized garden of Alkinoos, king of the mythical Phaiacians, was essentially a walled orchard, without flowers (Od.
Just how well the wise Phaiakian leader Alkinoos (whose very name means "strength of mind") has ordered his polis is directly reflected in the city's landscape.
How does your idea of hospitality differ from what Alkinoos and Arete extend to Odysseus?
Odysseus finds similar treatment at the house of Alkinoos in Phaiakia, along with entertainment provided by a minstrel named Demodokos,
14 nights at the King Alkinoos apartments, Protaras.