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also Hal·low·e'en  (hăl′ə-wēn′, hŏl′-)
October 31, celebrated in the United States, Canada, and the British Isles by children going door to door while wearing costumes and asking for treats and playing pranks.

[Short for All Hallow Even : Allhallow(mas) + even.]


(ˌhæləʊˈiːn) or


(Ecclesiastical Terms) the eve of All Saints' Day celebrated on Oct 31 by masquerading; Allhallows Eve
[C18: see Allhallows, even2]


or Hal•low•e'en

(ˌhæl əˈwin, -oʊˈin, ˌhɒl-)

the evening of Oct. 31; the eve of All Saints' Day: observed esp. by children, who dress in costume and play trick or treat.
[1550–60; (All) hallow (s) + e (v) en2]
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Noun1.Halloween - the evening before All Saints' DayHalloween - the evening before All Saints' Day; often devoted to pranks played by young people
day - a day assigned to a particular purpose or observance; "Mother's Day"
عيد جَميع القِدّيسين
mindenszentek előestéje
Visu sveto dienas priekšvakars
noč čarovnic
Azizler günü arefesihortlak gecesi


Hallowe'en [ˌhæləʊˈiːn]
nHalloween m, veille f de la Toussaint
on Halloween → le soir d'halloween
modif [mask, costume] → d'Halloween; [party] → d'Halloween
Halloween night → nuit f d'Halloweenhall porter n (British) (in hotel)portier m


, Hallowe’en
nder Tag vor Allerheiligen, Halloween nt


(ˈhalouˌiːn) noun
a Christian festival on 31 Oct., when children dress up and play ``trick or treat!''.
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A night draws in on the spookiest evening of the year, there will be some homes with dark furnishings that won't need much decorating for All Hallows' Eve.
With the All Hallows' Eve revolving around the theme of using humor and ridicule to confront the power of death, we too have decided to go the Trick or Treat way with our valued users, by offering them sumptuous discount treats this Halloween," said Abhinav Girdhar, CEO at Appy Pie Inc.
Once upon a time we didn't know what Trick Or Treating was, but now on All Hallows' Eve you can't move for Slutty Zombies and kids jacked up on candy (THEY'RE CALLED SWEETS).
What began hundreds of years ago as a religious observance of All Hallows' Eve and mainly involved such activities as church services and lighting candles on relatives' graves is now a cultural behemoth, almost completely secularised in the face of commercialism.
Some scholars think All Hallows' Eve absorbed elements from the ancient Celtic new year, Samhain ("summer's end"), when the veil between the material and immaterial worlds thinned and spirits walked abroad--notions that later evolved into the folk festival of Hallowe'en.
On Thursday October 31 Coombe Abbey hotel near Coventry is hosting a special banquet in honour of All Hallows' Eve.
The array of haunted goodies that we prepare is a fun part of the planning, and this year we might be pulling a few ideas from Patty Roper's Easy Does It to create our menu, Her treats are sure to thrill any ghost or goblin this All Hallows' Eve.
I BEG to differ Tim ( GDN, November 1), but All Hallows' Eve or Halloween has nothing to do with the devil, hell or celebration of either.
Barton was having a gala time in New York on All Hallows' Eve when a man splashed her with his drink claiming that she had trodden on his foot.
Now, a vampire--a vicious, murdering vampire, not one of the more laid-back, five-to-nine working stiffs--has targeted Mallory's partner's nephew, and Mallory has to find and stop the fiend before All Hallows' Eve comes to a close
It comes from the Gaelic word Samhain, a festival celebrated by many pagans as the start of the old Celtic new year and later adopted by Christians as All Hallows' Eve.
31 is All Hallows' Eve, otherwise known as Halloween.