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 (pĭng′kər-tən), Allan 1819-1884.
Scottish-born American detective. His agency was notorious for breaking strikes and disrupting labor efforts to unionize.


(Biography) Allan. 1819–84, US private detective, born in Scotland. He founded the first detective agency in the US (1850) and organized an intelligence system for the Federal States of America (1861)


(ˈpɪŋ kər tən)

Allan, 1819–84, U.S. detective, born in Scotland.
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Unfortunately, Allan Pinkerton had to inform her that the secretarial job had been filled.
It seems to have begun as early as 1877, when Allan Pinkerton, founder of the Pinkerton Detective Agency, wrote one of the first detective novels, Strikers, Communists, Tramps, and Detectives.
O'Byrne will play Allan Pinkerton, the head of the Union Intelligence Service for the show's second season.
He had humble beginnings in Glasgow and, after his police sergeant father died when he was a child, Allan Pinkerton grew up in poverty.
Lincoln's Spymaster: Allan Pinkerton, America's First Private Eye.
In 1867, the detective Allan Pinkerton wrote that a Pinkerton man should be"pure and above reproach.
It's based on the true story of Allan Pinkerton (Braveheart and Californication star Angus Macfadyen), who created a detective and security guard agency which ended up stopping a plot to assassinate President Lincoln.
President Lincoln with Allan Pinkerton, his legendary secret service chief
17, 1862 (here with intelligence officer Allan Pinkerton, left, and Major General John A.
The main characters for the anarchists and populists include Louise Michel, 'Stepniak' (Sergei Kravchinsky), Nicholas Chaikovsky, Peter Kropotkin, Errico Malatesta, Elisee Relcus, Johann Most, Emma Goldman and the indefinable aristocratic, loaded newshound, 'chancer' and anti-Semite the Marquis Henri de Rochefort-Lucay, and for their police adversaries, the ur-political policeman, Colonel Wilhelm Stieber of the Prussian police and Russian Third Section involvement, Peter Rachkovsky (of the Okhrana), William Melville (of British Special Branch), Allan Pinkerton (of the self-same American private agency) and a host of Belgian, French and Italian colleagues.
Glasgow-born Allan Pinkerton - who formed Pinkerton's detective agency in Chicago, USA, in 1850 - uncovered a plot to murder Abraham Lincoln in 1861 and headed the US army's secret service during the American Civil War.
I noticed an error regarding the image of Allan Pinkerton and President Lincoln ["The War That Made Us Who We Are"] taken in 1862, two weeks after the battle of Antietam.