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An oxidation product of uric acid, C4H6N4O3, found in the urine of most mammals (except humans and related primates) as the metabolic end product of purine oxidation, and also found in some plants. It is also produced synthetically and is often used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


(Biochemistry) a substance derived from the secretions of snails and contained in some plants, used in skin care products and valued for its soothing properties
[C19: from allantois]


(əˈlæn toʊ ɪn)

a white powder, C4H6N4O3, produced by oxidation of uric acid: used as an emollient.
[1835–45; allanto (is) + -in1; so named because it is found in the fluid of the allantois]
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Microbial protein synthesis in the rumen and allantoine urine were determined according to Bucholtz and Bergen (1973) and Zinn and Owens (1986), respectively.
Further research and clinical testing into snail secretion found that the secretions contained high levels of naturally occurring allantoine, collagen, elastin and anti-bacterial substances that all have beneficial healing, smoothing and purifying effects on human skin.
Hipourisemik ilaclarin ozellikleri Allopurinol (Ksantin oksidaz Rasburikaz (Rekombinant inhibitoru) Urat Oksidaz) Etki ettigi enzim Bu enzim (urat oksidaz) insanlarda (ksantin oksidaz) insanlarda yok, diger memelilerde bulunur mevcut Urik asit olusumunu engeller Olusmus urik asidi allantoine cevrirerek bobrekten atilimini saglar Idrarin alkalizasyonu ile urik Idrar alkalizasyonuna gerek yok asit atilimi kolaylastirilir Dozu; 300 mg/[m.