Allen screw

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Al′len screw`

a screw turned by means of an axial hexagonal hole in its head.
[formerly a trademark]
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Noun1.Allen screw - a screw with a hexagonal hole in the headAllen screw - a screw with a hexagonal hole in the head
screw - a fastener with a tapered threaded shank and a slotted head
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Unfortunately, unlike an AR15 or AR-10, the two halves are secured by heavy Allen screws as opposed to simply pushpins.
Two Allen screws secure the rear sight in its dovetail, allowing lateral movement.
After some rather non-telepathic debate, a flying Allen key and the sound of a slamming door, it was discovered that when the instructions had said, ``Join middle shelf supports with Allen screws 21'' they had actually meant, ``Join middle short shelf supports with Allen screws 21''.
The trigger itself had two Allen screws fitted; one was set into the front of the triggerguard to take up play in the trigger, while the other was in the trigger itself and could be adjusted to reduce overtravel.
My Picatin-ny base was already drilled and countersunk for installing with four 8/32 flat head Allen screws, so I drilled and tapped the first screw hole for that size.