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While the unit could be serviced easily with an Allen wrench, the D-slot prevents the body's door detail from being torn off if a power wrench is used accidentally.
A standard Allen wrench tightens the wedge lock clamping mechanism to user requirements.
No tools are required with a regular door installation, just an Allen wrench which is included in the kit.
In the past, because of the spring mechanism in the swivel, it was difficult to create a swivel rocker that was as comfortable for a large man as a small woman, but with a small allen wrench, provided with each chair, consumers can give an ergonomic tweak to improve their comfort.
It comes with its own Allen wrench, which fits into a part that juts out of the back.
The unit is threaded together by hand and engaged with the half-turn of an Allen wrench.
To be a deep-woods saw doctor, your basic tool assortment should include a chain-repair tool, 4 min allen wrench, 5 mm allen wrench, flat file, 7/32 round file, 3/16 round file, 5/32 round file, 13-21 mm combination wrench-scrcwdriver, 19-21 mm combination wrench-screwdriver, bent-jaw needle-nose pliers; saw-chain repair parts, spare sparkplug, universal piston stop, carburetor screwdriver with built-in magnet, bar-groove cleaning tool, raker filing gauge, spare screw assortment; sparkplug gap gauge, spare starter rope.
The handle can also be removed in seconds using an Allen wrench to wipe off any debris -- making cleaning the blade a snap.
22 auto pistols and consists of two assemblies: a 2-part, stainless steel bolt-stop pin with Allen wrench and a new stainless steel hammer and hammer pivot bushing.
Katherine McGown has been on the FIRST team for three years, and came on with no public speaking experience and "didn't know what a wrench was and didn't know what an Allen wrench was.
You never know when you or a buddy may need to do a little field gunsmithing and of course nobody has the right screwdriver, Allen wrench or Torx key.
The operator locks the insert in place with the quick 90[degrees] twist of a key tool much like an Allen wrench handle; a 20-second operation to remove and replace a point.