n.1.See Alignment.
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Tenders are invited for allignment machineries for mmv trade
The allignment product of structure model of mutant KatG L19 toward KatG wt.
Cosmetic results were good, meatal allignment and position were excellent.
Strategic allignment and IT investment selection using the analytic network process.
Based on the sequence allignment on BLAST revealed the isolate belongs to bacillus species with the maximum evolutionary relation to Bacillus cereus with 99% sequence similarities.
Similarity matrix based clustering by sequence allignment using dynamic programming, Computer and Information Science, 1 (3) 66-72.
Meanwhile, from two other sociologists, David Snow and Robert Benford ("Frame Allignment," "Ideology"), I drew on the concept of the "collective action frame"--the notion that a key ingredient for a successful collective struggle is the development by activist of a clear public interpretation that diagnoses why the injustice exists, who is bringing it about, what is to be done about it, why the struggle is urgent, and how the struggle is linked to the aggrieved population's preexisting values, beliefs and ideals.
The ALLIGNMENT section allows you to modify the alignment of the X-axis numbers.
Ballet, modern, tap, jazz, Pilates and body allignment.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Allignment Tool For Aagb And Engine
Tenders are invited for Servicing Testing And Calibration Of Power House Acb And Relay Etc Allignment And Overhauling Of Alternator