n.1.See Alignment.
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Strategic allignment and IT investment selection using the analytic network process.
Based on the sequence allignment on BLAST revealed the isolate belongs to bacillus species with the maximum evolutionary relation to Bacillus cereus with 99% sequence similarities.
Similarity matrix based clustering by sequence allignment using dynamic programming, Computer and Information Science, 1 (3) 66-72.
The ALLIGNMENT section allows you to modify the alignment of the X-axis numbers.
Ballet, modern, tap, jazz, Pilates and body allignment.
In addition, we focused on building strategic allignment with the leading equipment suppliers along with increased cooperation and joint development efforts, such as the copper CMP process control.
Tenders are invited for Rail Allignment Of Eot Crane In Shell Forge Shop.
2 Pre Filter 20 01 Nos 3 Allignment Filter20 1 No 4 Pressure Vessip 5Nos 5 Poststage Cartridge 01 Nos 6 Mendrain Pressure Vessip 5 Nos 7 Menbrane R.
Tenders are invited for Special Rep And Replacement With Re Allignment Of Gi Pipe With Di Pipe In Officer Md Accn And Unit Area Of Shikargarh
Tenders are invited for Extension Of Drainage System Allignment Near Bldg No Wb 241 And Wb 181 And Storm Drainage Near Bldg No Wb 132 And Wb 133 Of Mcte Under Ge Mcte Mhow
Mass Rapid Transit Corp Sdn Bhd (MRT Corp) declared that it has granted five multistorey carpark and system contracts for the Klang Valley MRT project Sungai Buloh-Kajang Allignment, worth RM519.
To improve access to the community a new road will then be constructed and sealed on the same allignment.