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v. t. & i.1.To incite dogs by a call; to halloo.
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Eventually I decided to have a starter of Aloo Chana Puri which is fine while Paul, whose parents hailed from India, saves himself for his main course - Alloo Chana with Paneer.
Tadka Dal, Kali Dal, Alloo Jeera or Bhindi and I eat garlic parathan, or butter parathan along with it.
Recently, Sable Transport and Contractors managing director Iqbal Alloo noted that non-accessibility of bitumen and heavy rainfall seen in some areas of the country struck the development on majority of the road works being carried out by the company.
Chuck Alloo, who has served as chief operating officer and co-founded the firm with Cashin, will continue in a senior management role.
Migmar Tsering, 23, said, "I jumped in and suddenly I was face to face with a Chinese guard, Dil chaha kay alloo key taraha chheel kay maar daaloon, (I wanted to peel his skin like a potato and kill him there)," he says in fluent Hindi before continuing in English: "But then the Dalai Lama's teachings kept coming into my head and my hands were locked.
Participants from Left: Anna Runeborg, Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Mama Sara Longwe, FEMNET's Immediate Chairperson and Mama Fatma Alloo, FEMNET's Board Member
For one, it provides a pictorial journey exploring curry cuisine from around the world--and adding regional recipes, such as an Alloo Curry from Pakistan or a Burmese Pork Curry with Mango.
Alloo previously served as Fox & Carskadon's chief financial officer.
Joined by fellow Fox & Carskadon veterans Chuck Alloo and Rick LeDoux, the new firm marks a reunion of old colleagues and a return to the business traditions that originally made the name Cashin synonymous with Bay Area real estate success.
The vegetable dishes were nothing short of spectacular - a creamy-with-a-kick black dahl massala, smooth 'sexy mushrooms' - oh-er missus - aubergine and potato, gobi alloo - and that's just a few.
Fatma Alloo Membre du Conseil d'Administration, FEMNET PO Box 4224, Zanzibor-Tonzonie
The Ashoka Cookbook is packed with easy to follow recipes for everything from chapattis to vegetarian specials such as alloo bathow (aubergine and potato), salmon tikka and hot pickles as well as traditional favourites such as fiery beef madras and pork vindaloo.