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Noun1.Almoravid - a member of a Muslim dynasty of Berber warriors that flourished from 1049 to 1145 and that established political dominance over northwestern Africa and Spain
Berber - a member of an indigenous people of northern Africa
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It was originally a fortified castle built by Almoravid dynasty during the era of Yusuf Ibn Tashfin and became an important place during the Almohad Caliphate.
In 2004, only months after the terrorist attacks in Madrid on March 11, Jose Maria Aznar (at that point, the former Prime Minister of Spain) spoke of the ancient roots of the "War on Terror" at Georgetown University by constructing a bridge between the efforts of the Reconquista--against the Umayyad Emirate, the Tawaaefs, the Almoravid Caliphate, and finally the Ottoman Empire--and the modern-day efforts of terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda:
478/1085), the Ionian Sea island known in Arabic as Faskyu and in Greek as Ithaca, the Hamas (Harakat al-Muquwama al-Islamiyya) Islamic resistance movement founded in 1987 during the First Intifada as an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood Association in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, fifth/seventh-century author Ibn 'Abdun in Almoravid Seville, and Muslims in the United Kingdom.
There are no footnotes, and the chapters are written to engage, with descriptive tableaux of various historic events--such as El Cid's widow Ximena looking back over "lush plain, fields on undulating wheat punctuated by the iridescent white of almond bloom" at the burning city of Valencia as she flees the city ahead of its Almoravid capture (70).
It is assumed that Almoravid arts and architecture were not isolated and can be related to other Mediterranean artistic manifestations due to commercial, political and cultural relations.
Born in the 12th century in Seville, Ibn Zuhr conducted original research in therapeutics, tumours, and abscesses while serving as a physician to both the Almoravid and Ahmohad courts.
It was founded by the Almoravid dynasty in 1072 and was so powerful a city that until the 20th century all of Morocco was known as the Kingdom of Marrakesh.
I was transported to the Islamic Almoravid dynasty of the 11th century while peering up at the Koutoubia mosque and tower in Marrakech, Morocco.
Tashfin, the ruler of the Almoravid empire, wore simple woolen garments; he consumed only barley, camel meat, and milk until the end of his days.
It features over 300 works of art reflecting what Morocco has achieved during the Almoravid, Almohad and Marinid dynasties in the fields of architecture, pottery, textile, calligraphy and books.
1085-1110) who, in turn, was overthrown by the Almoravid Sultan aACAyAli Ibn Yousuf Ibn Tashufin (r.
He was born in Cordoba (present-day Spain), Almoravid Empire on Passover Eve, 1138, and died in Egypt on December 12, 1204.