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Alnico magnets were the first type of permanent magnets to be used for biomedical purposes.
Presently, Alnico is mostly used in applications where the ambient temperature is 250F or greater.
Alnico: One of the earliest magnet materials used for ferrous separation, Alnico magnets are castings of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, and iron.
Erium[R] 3000 develops a magnetic field that has up to twenty-five times the magnetic pull of conventional ceramic (barium ferrite) or Alnico (aluminum-nickel-cobalt) magnet materials.
Relatively new magnetic materials such as Alnico (aluminum-nickel-cobalt) and neodymium rare earth alloys have increased the holding force of permanent-magnet chucks to the point where they're useful for a variety of chipmaking operations.
Thomas & Skinner is a leading manufacturer of cast and sintered alnico magnets, magnet assemblies, and transformer laminations.
Tenders are invited for Expression of intrested for permanent magnets of sintered alnico 30/10 grade of din 17410
EAS will roll out its new magnetic clamp system that withstands the higher temperatures of thermoset molding by using AlNiCo instead of neodymium.
Alnico magnetic assemblies are also available for high-temperature applications up to 800 F.
Our cast and sintered alnico magnets, magnetic assemblies, and transformer laminations are considered the best in the industry.
The Global Permanent Magnets market can be divided into four segments: Ferrite, NdFeB, SmCo, and Alnico.
Ferrite magnets are relatively cheaper than other permanent magnets such as NdFeB magnets, SmCO and Alnico magnets and hence account for a relatively smaller revenue share in the overall market.