grey alder

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Noun1.grey alder - native to Europe but introduced in America
Alnus, genus Alnus - alders
alder tree, alder - north temperate shrubs or trees having toothed leaves and conelike fruit; bark is used in tanning and dyeing and the wood is rot-resistant
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In an interior floodplain, Walker and Chapin (1987) demonstrated the existence of facilitation (primarily by adding nitrogen to the soil) by Alnus tenuifolia on Salix alaxensis and Populus balsamifera seedlings in greenhouse experiments and in the field.
For example, an Alnus tenuifolia leaf with fresh mass of 433 mg and estimated water content of 65% was painted with 0.
alaxensis, and Alnus tenuifolia (Scriber and Ayres 1990).