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(French alɔst)
(Placename) a town in central Belgium, in East Flanders province. Pop: 76 852 (2004 est). Flemish name: Aalst



a city in central Belgium. 78,000. French, Alost.
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ALOST and stranded dadof-two stumbled into an unlocked Aston Martin factory in the middle of the night - and drove off in a James Bond PS200,000 super car.
Alost wallet handed in to the police containing PS50 in cash was returned to the owner with no notes inside, a court heard.
The letters are sent to the postal service's alost and found' department and are kept in a special place.
ALOST locomotive which played a crucial role in the North East war effort is set to be recreated.
ALOST world of childhood played out on the streets and bombsites of Birmingham has been preserved through the work of an American student.
Stan Alost, associate professor in Ohio University's School of Visual Communication, said that the topic of manipulation is covered in general courses and in the picture editing course that is required for both photojournalism and communication design majors.
BJubilee qearly wShe bthe hstill rtime The band's line-up changed over the yeac(Jenny Frost replaced Kerry from 2001-04) Know Liz, Kerry and N nare back and making alost time.
It was a job he took on as alost cause, mainly to get the turf in his studs again and reinvigorate himself in the game after his departure from Kilmarnock.
AGROUP ACCROATIA ALOST twice to Scotland in qualifying but still made it to South America via a play-off win over Iceland.
Since that time, Belgium has received acceptance for several other events of the list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, namely the Holy Blood procession in Bruges in 2009, in 2010 the Carnival of Alost, falconry, a living human heritage item, the Houtern Jaarmarkt, an annual winter fair and animal market in Hautern Saint Lievin, the Krakelingen and Tonnekensbrand fire and bread festival from late winter to Grammont, the Louvain ritual of age classes in 2011 and the Marches of the Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse in 2012.