Alpha Centauri

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Al·pha Cen·tau·ri

 (ăl′fə sĕn-tôr′ē)
A multiple star in Centaurus, 4.4 light years from Earth, whose three components form the brightest object in the constellation and the third brightest star in the night sky.

Al′pha Centau′ri

a triple-star system that is the brightest celestial object in the constellation Centaurus.
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Al·pha Cen·tau·ri

(ăl′fə sĕn-tôr′ē)
A multiple star consisting of three stars in the constellation Centaurus. It is the star nearest Earth, at a distance of 4.4 light-years, and it is the third brightest star in the night sky. ♦ Prox·i·ma Centauri (prŏk′sə-mə) is the individual star in this system that is closest to Earth, but it is very faint and far from the system's center of mass.
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Noun1.Alpha Centauri - brightest star in Centaurus; second nearest star to the sun
Centaurus, Centaur - a conspicuous constellation in the southern hemisphere near the Southern Cross
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When your correspondent mentioned Alpha Centauri it reminded me of Babylon 5, when 'Citizen G-Kar' of the Narn Regime was captured by Centauri Dragoons and taken to the evil Emperor Cartasia, on Centauri Prime.
Proxima Centauri, a red dwarf star, is the smallest of the three stars in the Alpha Centauri system about four light-years away, and it also hosts an exoplanet called Proxima b.
Hawking also gave light to a project that he is backing-the Breakthrough Starshot initiative-which aims to develop ultra-fast light-powered spacecraft that can accommodate humans to habitable worlds circling around the nearby star, Alpha Centauri.
On the other hand, even as our sister planets would be invisible [from] Alpha Centauri, so also any similar planets there would be invisible to us.
FRIDAY: Karl Burke's Laurens and Jessica Harrington's Alpha Centauri face off in a renewal of the Fillies' Mile at Newmarket.
Wolfling is set in a future where an expedition from Earth reaches Alpha Centauri II, only to find that all life is governed by the Throne World - including Earth, one of its remote outposts.
Clemmie is the best of the fillies off a mark of 108, 1lb ahead of Alpha Centauri and Actress.
It begins with an introduction to our main character, Cassandra Fish - a woman orphaned at a young age who wears a spacesuit, believes she's from Alpha Centauri and awaits the day her alien parents will come to rescue her.
Milner said that came "only a few months" after the trio launched the Breakthrough Starshot project, which "aims to launch a tiny spacecraft to Alpha Centauri within a generation".
It orbits Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the sun and a member of the triple-star Alpha Centauri system.
The closest star system to the Earth is the famous Alpha Centauri group.
It is the faintest of the three, which also include a much brighter pair of stars known as Alpha Centauri A and B.