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(ælˈfɒn soʊ, -zoʊ)
1. Alfonso I, (Alfonso Henriques) 1109?–85, first king of Portugal 1139–85.
2. Alfonso XIII, 1886–1941, king of Spain 1886–1930.
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Openserve is committed to Telkom s goal of reaching one million homes with fibre access by 2018 and already has the largest fibre network in the country, said Openserve MD Alphonzo Samuels.
Me, Alphonzo Rawls and Jason Rogers skated in this mint-ramp contest and they did good and I didn't make top ten so 1 thought I wasn't getting a board.
In 1923, James Alphonzo Frye was convicted of murder.
45 Colt revolver owned by infamous outlaw Alphonzo ''Al'' J.
WHEN ALPHONZO KERSHAW FELL BEHIND ON THE mortgage of a second home last year, he filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which would prevent a foreclosure and enable him to pay back more than $40,000 in past due mortgage payments and real estate taxes over a five-year period.
Ciao Bella uses concentrated flavors in its gelato, such as blood oranges from Sicily and Alphonzo mangos from western India, which require specialized handling.
Alphonzo Evans, 38, had been sleeping in one of the homes when he heard the wind come up.
When Motown signed the Jackson 5, label head Berry Gordy assembled a group of songwriters--Freddie Perren, Deke Richards, and Alphonzo Mizell--to work with him to write songs for the group.
Telkom's managing executive for wholesale services, Alphonzo Samuels, said: "In essence, statistical trends clearly show that while capital investment and overall cable capacity have been significantly enhanced over the recent years, the costs per gig capacity over the concomitant period have drastically dropped.
Bel-Air was developed by Alphonzo Bell in the 1920s after he struck oil.
Charles and Alphonzo were US army soldiers, Joseph was in the Navy and Richard was the lone civilian.
Alphonzo Albright, administrative probation officer, NYC Department of Probation; Robert N.