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 (ăl′tə-mîr′ə, äl′tä-mē′rä)
A group of caverns of northern Spain west-southwest of Santander. The caves contain magnificent specimens of Paleolithic art discovered in 1879.


(Spanish altaˈmira)
(Placename) a cave in N Spain, SW of Santander, noted for Old Stone Age wall drawings


(ˌæl təˈmɪər ə)

a cave in N Spain, near Santander, noted for its Upper Paleolithic polychrome paintings of bison, deer, and pigs.


[ˌæltəˈmiːrə] N the Altamira caveslas cuevas de Altamira
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David Altamira is among the most highly reputable plastic surgeons in the area, and he has been providing residents across the local area with beautiful results through various procedures for many years.
The area includes the cities of Tampico, Ciudad Madero and Altamira, which lie in the Panuco River Basin, and has a total population of approximately 1 million.
This includes the projects to increase production capacity at its Altamira PTA facility, reaching a consolidated PTA capacity of 2.
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Toshiba announced that it has won a contract by Isolux to supply thermal power generation equipment for the retrofit and modernization of the Altamira thermal power plant in Tamaulipas State, northeastern Mexico.
July 29 /PRNewswire/ -- LyondellBasell Industries has announced the start-up of a new polypropylene (PP) compounding facility in Altamira, Mexico, with a nominal capacity of 30 KT per year.
MONTREAL -- Altamira is pleased to announce the appointment of James Whitman to Senior Vice President of Sales.
Toshiba Corporation, one of the world's leading suppliers of thermal power generation equipment, today announced that it has been selected to supply thermal power generation equipment for the retrofit and modernization of the Altamira Thermal Power Plant in Tamaulipas State, northeastern Mexico.