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Laura Phythian and Hannah Thompson, both 16, of St Hilda's high Sefton Park, Laura Walters, 15, of Archbishop Blanch, Kensington, and Tessa Moon, 10, of St Luke's primary, Crosby, won a competition to create an altar frontal for the chapel.
One Canadian religious order sent images of an altar frontal, hand-stitched a century ago and a rich, purple Lenten chasuble.
Sonne de Torrens offers a close iconographic reading of a single panel: the Nativity, in the Stadil altar frontal, which was likely made shortly after 1200.
The congregation in the Cathedral will see these words on a new altar frontal, designed by the artistic director, Sister Anthony, and her helpers: it bears the message of the true meaning of our celebrations.
Jacquie Binns The Phoenix Altar Frontal All Hallows by the Tower, London
February 18 - Altar frontal design competition, Liverpool Cathedral
The new altar frontal is absolutely beautiful and we're grateful to the girls for all their hard work.
The altar frontal and dorsal curtain, which feature a crucifix and two angels holding royal coats of arms, to be used on Monday were also part of the original wedding ceremony.
Cornelison probes the "miraculous power" of St Zenobius's relics and reliquaries, in "When an Image Is a Relic: The Saint Zenobius Panel from Florence Cathedral," relating them to the Maestro del Bigallo's altar frontal and the decoration of the Saint Zenobius chapel.
The youngsters have made a new altar frontal to be used during the welcome service.
On Sunday, the Bishop of London Richard Chartres was to preside over a Eucharist service at which the altar frontal will be used for the first time since World War II.