Altar screen

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The room will showcase icons related to iconostases (or altar screen decorated with icons) in the museum collection, including a mid-1500s "Festival Row" deesis, a large scale "Mother of God," circa mid-1600s, a masterpiece "Not Made By Hands," circa mid-1500s, which would have capped the crest of an iconostasis wall, and a number of significant, new, folding iconostases used by priests visiting ill parishioners in outlying regions, distant from churches and in need of spiritual succor.
Passage through the massive altar screen was blocked by a cloudy antique mirror; you, too, seemed to have vanished.
Behind the stunning high altar screen lie the remains of Cuthbert, the saintly seventh century bishop of Lindisfarne, and this part of the cathedral has a real presence," says Jo.
He gestured towards a line of icons that decorated the altar screen, the focus of the church.